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DECA has partnered with BusinessU to create a new Role-Play Prep Series! “DECA At The Bell” is an interactive, video-based series. It includes role-play prompts aligned to Performance Indicators.
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Episode 1: Jingles

Like a good neighbor… how many of you finished that jingle in your head? In this episode, Natalie from DECA and Jaden from BusinessU dive into what Jingles can tell us about promotional tools and how they can affect a brand’s reputation.

Episode 2: Apple Swipe Lock

The team that Steve Jobs assembled to develop the first iPhone may not have been a group of entrepreneurs, but they were undeniable one of the most innovative teams of our time. Natalie from DECA and Jaden from BusinessU explore the differences between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs; turns out, you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to change the world.

Episode 3 and more coming Fall 2022


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